Working at Brooklyn Public Library

As the nation’s 6th largest public library system with a network of 60 Neighborhood libraries, BPL is committed to providing the borough’s 2.6 million people quality services and a vibrant learning environment through outreach programs, educational workshops and youth services events.

Central BPL Ranch outside of Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York – Wikipedia commons

Serving My Community

“Brooklyn Public Library is among the borough’s most democratic civic institutions, serving patrons in every neighborhood and from every walk of life. Established in 1896, BPL is one of the nation’s largest public library systems and currently has nearly 700,000 active cardholders. With a branch library within a half-mile of the majority of Brooklyn’s 2.6 million residents, BPL is a recognized leader in cultural offerings, literacy, out-of-school-time services, workforce development programs, and digital literacy. In a borough of wide economic disparity, where the costs of basic necessities often take priority over spending on cultural enrichment opportunities, BPL provides a democratic space where patrons of all economic standings can avail themselves and their children of cultural and educational programs in a broad range of disciplines.”


The American Library Association’s 2014 Public Library Data Service Statistical Report ranked BPL third in the nation among public libraries for public programs offered and program attendance. In 2016, BPL was awarded an IMLS National Medal for Museum and Library Service, the nation’s highest honor for museum and libraries, in large part due to the work of its Outreach Services department and its efforts to serve Brooklyn’s most vulnerable populations.

My Role in Youth and Family Services

The BCAP Camp Director position wears different hats for different seasons. Half the year I run a summer camp (as you might expect): recruiting families, hiring staff, organizing supplies and logistics for the 200+ campers we serve each year. I the colder months, I serve as a Teen Coordinator, facilitating teen programs, running internships, and assisting in staff development around supporting our teen community. Throughout the year I manage the six-institution relationship that makes BAP possible, and scout for new partners throughout Brooklyn.

Camp at BPL

Brooklyn Cultural Adventures Program

Brooklyn Cultural Adventures Program (BCAP) offers summer programs for youth based on a collaboration of six cultural institutions in the heart of Brooklyn: Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Prospect Park Alliance and Prospect Park Zoo, plus a summer guest partner. Adventurers take part in fun, hands-on experiences that weave connections between art, world culture, literature, history, nature, technology, and science.

Our camp is two weeks long, with curricula designed specifically for a unique BCAP experience. Campers visit each partner twice during a camp session, and participate in a group art show in the Brooklyn Museum to showcase their work. Camp also embraces fun traditions with Water Day, Team building, and organized games to relax. 

BCAP at Home

During the lockdown in 2020 and 2021, BCAP moved online to celebrate Brooklyn virtually. Our partners created interactive experiences for campers in live virtual sessions. You can see recordings from BCAP at home on the Brooklyn Public Library youtube page.

Teens at BPL

Library Youth Council & Urban Art Jamm

Teens ages 14-18 plan and execute BPL’s largest teen event of the year, Urban Art Jamm at Central Library. Interns build skills in event planning, budgeting, and marketing while learning the ins and outs of how libraries operate.

BKLYN Bookmatch Teen

Teens learn the art of recommending books from librarians, book selectors, publishers and authors, and develop a readers’ advisory service exclusive to teens. Interns represent BPL at events and select books to be added to the Library’s collection! Past events include live Book Matching at Party on the Plaza, monthly summer Discord programs, and instagram story book recommendations for @BKLYNfuture.

Middle School Science

A series of virtual programs focusing on science opportunities for middle schooler aged youth. Programs included Coding at Home, utilizing coding software available for free online, and Give Me the Moon Over Brooklyn, a DIY astronomy program that focused on how to practice the science of looking space from your stoop.

More teen programs, internships, volunteer opportunities and other events created a supported by YFS staff can be found on the BPL Teen page:

Published by Leah Golubchick

I am a museum educator and program manager for the Brooklyn Public Library's Brooklyn Cultural Adventures Program. I believe cultural institutions belong to the people who live around, work in, and love them, and I pride myself as an agent for making those spaces welcoming and empowering.

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